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We’ve all been there ! receiving a last minute party invite and then immediately afterwards sifting through our wardrobes, only to feel completely uninspired by anything that it contains. The next thought is usually ‘I have nothing to wear, I need something new!,’ which then proceeds with the hasty decision to scour the stores. If this is your current situation why not pause for just a moment, and take a second look at your wardrobe, as you may find that the solution is already hanging there, in the form of a ‘little black dress’. In a situation like this  ‘The LBD’ is the trusty piece that is guaranteed to come to your rescue!  With social media documenting our every look, it almost feels compulsory to always rock out in a fresh ensemble, however due to a busy schedule or a tight budget this cannot always be the case. The LBD serves as the perfect base in an outfit and can make a single dress appear brand new on multiple occasions. The secret is in the styling, whether you decide to team your black dress with a bold contrasting blazer or statement accessories, these small tweaks will make a major difference in transforming your LBD, without anybody having a clue!.

Scroll down to see some looks I put together using one black dress.


Ebay Blazer 

Boohoo Bodycon Midi Dress 

ZARA- Leather High heels

Accessorize – Necklace

Mango- Chain Bag



TOPSHOP- Leopard Print Coat

MANGO- Zipped Leather clutch

ZARA- Leather Heels



NEWLOOK- Trim Blazer

MANGO- Chain Bag

RARE LONDON- Mint Necklace

ASOS- Buckle Heel Boots

ASOS- Bracelet





EBAY -Head Scarf

HM- Leather Jacket

YOOX- Court Shoes


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