Kaftans in Morocco

Kaftans are worn all over the world, but in this blog post I’ve chosen to take a close look at how they are worn specifically within Moroccan culture.

Brief History of the Kaftan

Kaftans originated in the Ottoman empire, where they were only worn by men. The Kaftan during this era was an indication of a persons rank. The more embellishment featured on a kaftan the higher the social status of the wearer.

However when it reached Morocco the kaftans gained a new identity by being worn exclusively by women for both formal and casual wear. At a Moroccan wedding its the norm for a bride to wear several kaftans during the ceremony.

What is a Kaftan?

Kaftans are usually a long loose fitting garment, with long sleeves, a waist belt is commonly worn over a kaftan to accentuate the figure.

In my opinion its the great attention to detail and the intricacy of the embroidery that gives the kaftan such a regal, stunning appearance.

 Embroidery on the kaftan can be created with a wide plethora of colours . see below.

Gorgeous designs by Moroccan Kaftan designer- Albert Oiknine

Celebrities in Kaftans (click image for gallery)

Places to visit in Morocco

Adornments are deeply rooted in several aspects of Moroccan culture. The attention to detail doesn’t stop at clothing but also extends to the breathtaking architecture, interiors and textile pieces etc Check out gallery below for some stunning locations in Morocco.


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