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Goshhh It has been a minute since my last post, I’ve been so caught up with life’s events, but I’m back and I’ve promised myself to be more consistent :).

Neways I was very fortunate recently to have been offered a position as a personal stylist for a company called Style-setter .Below I’ve included a brief description on our company and the services we have available. We are launching our website in August so please stay tuned to my blog.


Style-setter is a unique platform that connects online personal stylists with clients and fashion stores. Based on a questionnaire,  We, the stylists will get to know your body shape,style personality and provide a perfect ensemble that is ideal for any upcoming occasion you may have. On top of this , on our platform you’ll receive lots of specific and valuable style-related information from one of our team of experts.

With Style-setter, you get on demand styling advice and a direct contact with your personal stylist from the comfort of your own home. Our services are tailored for each person individually to fully match your budget. We do also offer personal shopping- service packages in the London area. You are welcome to make yourself familiar with our platform! It is not just about style or fashion – our emphasis is on establishing your personal style in a friendly open environment. Our aim is for you to build confidence in your looks while providing the best support you need. Despite being an online based platform, our values lie strongly in taking care of our clients individually every step of the way. Go ahead and follow our social channels for your daily dose of inspiration regarding your personal style. Please check us out and follow us on instagram @stylesetterofficial,  and which will launch in August.


Thank you Guys


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