The perfect LBD for your body shape

The little black dress is the classic wardrobe staple that every girl should own or invest in. Even when opting for a more demure, understated style, the little black dress effortlessly delivers the va-va voom factor with its elegance, chic-ness and timeless appeal. In addition , the great news is that there’s no need to splurge or break the bank if you are thinking of purchasing one this party season, the LBD has the unique quality of appearing luxe even at more down to earth prices.

An extra cherry on the top, would be to select the little black dress that would most flatter your body shape. I did a post earlier on in the year that explains the different body shapes, you can check this out here . Women usually fall into one of  5 body shapes ; apple,pear rectangle hourglass, inverted triangle and knowledge of this, coupled with the right black dress will allow you to enter new style heights *wink*.

The key to finding the perfect LBD is to look out for one that balances your proportions. So lets scroll down for the specific LBD for your body shape.



You are a pear shaped lady if you have curvier hips and a more narrower upper body

Therefore the perfect LBD  is one that will accentuate and draw attention to your upper body.

Karen Millen, Cut-out Yoke Pencil Dress(£210)

The dramatic cut out yoke detailing and the body sculpting fit of this dress will perfectly balance out a pear shaped figure.


You’re a rectangle shaped lady if you are less curvy and your upper body,waist and hips are similar in size.

The perfect LBD for you would be one that highlights your symmetrical figure and one that will create a more shapelier silhouette by adding dimension to your hips and bust.

New Look, Black lace sheer panel dress (£30)

The sheer lace panelling in the waist and upper body region will create a curvier silhouette whilst giving the illusion of a more defined waist.


You are an hour-glass shaped lady if you have a curvy, balanced upper and lower body with a defined waist.


The perfect LBD for you would be one that simply accentuates your natural balanced proportions.

New Look Black Funnel Neck Cut Out Bodycon Dress (£24.99)

The small side cutout on this body-con dress will flaunt your silhouette by accentuating the thinnest part of your waist.


You’re an apple shaped lady if you tend to carry weight around your mid section and have slimmer hips.

The LBD for you is one that disguises and minimises your midsection  and draws attention to your upper body and shapely legs.

Boohoo Cap Sleeve Dress (£10) <<<<yes just £10!!

This flowy swing dress will float over your mid-section which will help disguise this area. The mini length of this dress will also show off your shapely legs.

You’re an inverted triangle shaped lady if you have broad shoulders, great arms and a slim and more narrower lower body.

Your LBD should create the illusion of smaller shoulders and draw attention to your torso and waist area.


Lipsy -Vero Moda Wrap Dress £32.00

The tie of the classic wrap dress will create a curvier silhouette by bringing waist definition. The V-neck feature will also elongate your neck and soften your shoulder area.


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