The images featured below are taken from my final year project, which honestly feels like a lifetime ago.!! I studied a BA in Fashion design with communication, and the course involved design and styling projects .

The first image shows designs taken from a project called destruction, this project was a response to the aftermath of war and the devastation it leaves behind. My aim for the designs was to produce fragmented and dismantled silhouettes Β that would portray the catastrophe brought on by war and it attempts to reassemble the pieces left behind.

6 amaju ogun 7



This was the styling manifestation of the same ‘destruction’ theme, it was an amazing experience to explore different creative avenues to bring to life this theme.

amaju ogun 3


and last but not least, the final 2 images were taken from another styling project that I put together, which was inspired by the dynasty tv show from the 80’s. The aim of this shoot was to portray the class, elegance and self assurance of a woman in her prime.

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